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Alcatel T56 Corded Landline Phone With Caller Id And Handsfree (White)

Alcatel T56 Corded Landline Phone With Caller Id And Handsfree (White)

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Alcatel T56 Datasheet

  • Caller ID display: The T56 features a built-in caller ID display, allowing you to see the name and number of the person calling before you answer the phone.
  • Hands-free speakerphone: The phone includes a hands-free speakerphone function that enables you to talk without holding the handset, making it convenient for multitasking while on a call.
  • Adjustable ringer volume: You can adjust the ringer volume to your preference, with three levels of volume to choose from.
  • Mute function: The phone has a mute function that allows you to temporarily turn off the microphone during a call.
  • Wall-mountable: The T56 is designed to be wall-mountable, saving space on your desk or countertop.
  • Hearing aid compatible: The phone is compatible with hearing aids, making it easy for people with hearing impairments to use.
  • Large keypad: The T56 features large and easy-to-read keys, making it easy to dial numbers and navigate menus.

Technical Features

  • CLID Speakerphone Memory Corded
  • 1L Numeric LCD
  • Speakerphone
  • CLID Type I (DTMF & FSK)
  • 3 Level Ringer (Hi/Lo/Off)
  • Tone / Pulse Dialing
  • Flash (100-300-600ms)
  • Mute
  • Visual Incoming Call Indicator
  • Direct Mem | 2-touch Mem | Call Log | Last Number Redial : 4 |10
  • Standard | Ringtone : 1 | -
  • Operating Power | Line Cord : Line-powered | RJ11/RJ11
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