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Molex Fiber Connector SC SM 18262-0043

Molex Fiber Connector SC SM 18262-0043

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The SC connectors has been designed to NTT-SC standards and are completely compatible with SC compatible hardware. The design allows for non-optical disconnection in a push-pull coupling mechanism.

  • Available in Simplex and Duplex configurations
  • A range of SC Adapters in Simplex and Duplex
  • Ceramic Pre-radiused
  • Units sold Individually
  • Cable Retention: >50N (2.0mm)
  • Hole Size: SM: 126μ
  • MM: 127μ
  • Connector/Adapter Body Material: PBT, glass fill
  • Connector Ferrule Material: Ceramic ferrule
  • Durability: 1000 cycles clean every<0.2dB Change
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