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Schneider BMXDRA0805 discrete output module X80 - 8 outputs - relay - 24..240 V AC

Schneider BMXDRA0805 discrete output module X80 - 8 outputs - relay - 24..240 V AC

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Schneider BMXDRA0805 Datasheet

This product is part of the Modicon X80 range, a common platform of modules for Modicon M580 and M340 Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). This discrete output module has 8 relay outputs. It is a discrete output module with an output voltage of 24V to 240V, 19V AC to 264V AC, 12V to 24V, 10V DC to 34V DC, a typical current consumption of 79mA at 3.3V DC. This product is robust, high quality and based on the latest innovative technology. It offers electrical durability of 100000, 1 million, 10 million, 150000, 1500000, 2 million, 300000, 3 million, 500000, 5 million, 700000 cycles and 2119902 hours of MTBF. It is an IP20 rated product. It weighs 0.145kg. It is suitable for medium to large process applications. This product is certified by EAC, Merchant Navy, CSA, RCM, CE and UL. It meets EN 61131-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61010-2-201 standards. Modicon X80 consists in a compatible modules common platform that reduce maintenance and training costs with same spare parts in stock, and unique training for different Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC).


Range of product : Modicon X80

Product or component type : Discrete output module

Discrete output number : 8 conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2

Discrete output type : Relay

Discrete output voltage : 24...240 V 19...264 V AC
12...24 V 10...34 V DC

conventional free air thermal current : 3 A

Insulation resistance : > 10 MOhm 500 V DC

Power dissipation in W : 2.7 W

Response time on output : < 10 ms activation
< 8 ms deactivation

Typical current consumption : 79 mA at 3.3 V DC

MTBF reliability : 2119902 H

Output overload protection : Use 1 fast blow fuse per channel or group of channel

Minimum switching current : 10 mA 5 V DC

Directives : 2014/35/EU - low voltage directive
2014/30/EU - electromagnetic compatibility

Environmental characteristic : Corrosion resistance
Dust resistant

Dielectric strength : 2000 V AC at 50/60 Hz 1 min


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