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Veracity VHW-HWPS-B8-LL HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 8 Linklock TAMPER-PROOF EOC & POE

Veracity VHW-HWPS-B8-LL HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 8 Linklock TAMPER-PROOF EOC & POE

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VHW-HWPS-B8-LL Datasheet

HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 8 Linklock is connected to standard HIGHWIRE Powerstar (Camera), Duo or Quad units in exactly the same way as a normal Base 8 unit. The Linklock technology monitors the connection for tampering or interference.

  • Tamper-proof Ethernet and POE over coax.
  • 8 tamper-proof channels per Base unit.
  • Tampering or interference with cabling shuts down channel.
  • Relay contact alarm output on tamper, with reset pins.
  • 32 POE or POE Plus channels in 1U with four Base units.
  • Automatic configuration for simple installation.
  • Full duplex 100Base-TX performance on each coax.



Connector type : BNC 75 ohm x 8

Cable type : Any 75 ohm coaxial (other impedances supported)

Range : Up to 300 metres [1000ft] on RG59 or 500 metres [1640 feet] on RG11 at full rate

Bandwidth : 200 Mbps (total up + down) x 8


Connector type : RJ45 with optional SFP socket for fibre

Cable type : Cat 5/6 Patch or crossover, auto-detected or as per optional SFP device

Rate : Gigabit Ethernet, Full duplex (1000Base-TX) with auto-negotiation


LINKLOCK Trigger : On disconnection or tamper of coax or network cable

LINKLOCK Alarm : Relay switch output (NO, COM, NC) on screw terminals connector

LINKLOCK Reset : Via reset pins on screw terminals connector

Connector : 5-pin removable screw terminal connector


Status indicators : HIGHWIRE coax link - flashes red when LINKLOCK is triggered Ethernet link/activity (BASE) - flashes red when LINKLOCK is triggered See Quickstart Guide for LED indicator table and diagnostics. Guide also online


Device power : 10W rising to 20W under full POE load

POE Out : IEEE 802.3af (POE) or IEEE 802.3at (POE Plus) up to 25W per channel

Power input : 57V DC, up to 6A via a 2 pin detachable screw terminal (supplied) or a 2-pin Micro-Fit power connector


Dimensions : L 173mm (including BNC connectors) W 110mm H 40mm

Weight : 572g [20.2oz]

Operating temperature : 0ºC to 40ºC [32ºF to 104ºF]

Relative humidity : 85% non-condensing

Compliance : FCC, CE, UKCA, RoHS, REACH

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