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Veracity VLS-LSM-C4 LONGSPAN Max Quad 4-port camera adaptor for long range Ethernet and high power POE

Veracity VLS-LSM-C4 LONGSPAN Max Quad 4-port camera adaptor for long range Ethernet and high power POE

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VLS-LSM-C4 Datasheet

The Max Base device can output the maximum POE permitted by the 802.3bt standard, allowing the Max Quad to power 4 x 13W cameras at up to 330 metres. POE power levels drop quickly with distance. For higher power delivery to the IP cameras, a local PSU may be used to power the LONGSPAN Max Camera Quad device.

  • Quad LONGSPAN camera device with 802.3bt POE.
  • Long range point-to-point Ethernet over Cat5e or Cat6 cable.
  • Unrestricted 100Base-TX at up to 820 metres.
  • Delivers power for 4 x 13W IP cameras up to 330m from Base device.
  • With local power, can deliver POE for 71W IP cameras at 820 metres
  • Smart power and diagnostic display for reliable installation.



Device power consumption : 2.1W under minimum load, 3.2W under maximum load

POE in (LONGSPAN Link) : IEEE 802.3bt input

POE out : 4 x IEEE 802.3bt (up to 90W) ports - requires local PSU for maximum output

DC power in : Detachable screw terminal for optional local Veracity POE power supply


Connector : RJ45

Cable : Cat6, Cat5e, Patch wiring recommended, other wiring auto-corrected

Rate : 200Mbps (100Mbps full-duplex) up to 820 metres [2,690ft] (Cat6)


Connector : Four x RJ45

Cable : Cat6, Cat5e, Patch or crossover, auto-detected

Rate : 100Base-TX full-duplex with auto-negotiation


LONGSPAN link RJ45 : Yellow: Link/activity, Green: 10/100Mbps

POE : Power available (5/10/20/30/40/50/60/70 watts) plus diagnostic codes Above 70W with local power, 70W is indicated LED Status: Blue - On and available LED Status: Purple - Approaching available power limit LED Status: Red - Power limit exceeded

Ethernet & POE out : RJ45 Yellow: Link / Activity RJ45 Green: Power good


Dimensions : L 113mm (inc. brackets), W 75mm H 22mm [L 4.4in, W 2.9in, H 0.9in]

Weight : 161g [5.7oz]

Operating temperature : --40°C to 70°C [-40°F to 158°F] -40°C to 50°C [-40°F to 122°F] when power load > 80W

Relative humidity : 85% non-condensing

Compliance : FCC, CE, RoHS, UKCA, BS EN 50121-4 (rail + metro)

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