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Refurbished Juniper EX4200-48PX 48-Port PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Single Power Supply

Refurbished Juniper EX4200-48PX 48-Port PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Single Power Supply

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 44,999.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 89,998.00 विक्रय कीमत Rs. 44,999.00
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Juniper EX4200-48PX 48-Port Datasheet

The Juniper Networks® EX4200 line of Ethernet switches with Virtual Chassis
technology combine the high availability (HA) and carrier-class reliability of
modular systems with the economics and flexibility of stackable platforms,
delivering a high-performance, scalable solution for data center, campus and
branch office environments

Warranty : 3 Month Off Site

Specifications : 

Backplane : 128 Gbps Virtual Chassis interconnect to
combine up to 10 units as a single logical device

Uplink module options: 

  • 4-port GbE module with pluggable SFP optics
  • 2-port 10GbE module with pluggable XFP optics
  • Single-mode 2-port 10GbE SFP+ / 4-port GbE SFP
    module with pluggable SFP+/SFP optics

Power supplies : Autosensing; 100-120 V / 200-240 V;
AC 320 W, 600 W and 930 W Single load-sharing hotswappable internal redundant power supplies

Maximum current inrush : 50 amps

DC power supply : 190 W DC, input voltage range 36 V
- 72 V, Single input feed, single load-sharing hot-swappable
internal redundant power supplies

Minimum number of PSUs required for fully loaded chassis:
1 per switch

Switching Engine Model : Store and forward

  • DRAM – 1 GB with ECC
  • Flash – 1 GB
  • CPU – 1 GHz PowerPC CPU

GbE port density per system : 

  • 24P/24T/24F: 28 (24 host ports + four-port GbE uplink
  • 48P/48T: 52 (48 host ports + four-port GbE uplink
  • 10GbE port density per system (all models): 2 (uplink

Optics :

100 Mbps optic/connector type: LC SFP fiber supporting
100BASE-FX SFP (multimode), LX (single-mode) and
BX (single-strand)

10/100/1000BASE-T connector type : RJ-45

GbE SFP optic/connector type : RJ-45 or LC SFP fiber
supporting 1000BASE-T SFP, SX (multimode), LX (singlemode), LH/ZX (single-mode) and BX (single strand)

10GbE XFP optic/connector type : 10GE XFP LC
connector, SR (multimode), LR (single-mode), ER (singlemode) or ZR (single-mode)

10GbE SFP+ optic/connector type : 10GE SFP+ LC
connector, SR (multimode), USR (multimode), LR (singlemode), ER (single-mode), LRM (multimode) and DAC
(direct-attach copper)


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