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Vertiv PDU IP Metered 32A-CP8853

Vertiv PDU IP Metered 32A-CP8853

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Vertiv PDU 32A-CP8853 Datasheet


  • Hot-Swappable and upgradeable monitoring device.
  • Local and remote power monitoring with accuracy of +/- 1% (ANSI & IEC Standards).
  • VLC (Visible Light Communication).
  • High Temperature Grade 60°C for high temperature environments.
  • Color-coded U-Lock receptacles by circuit for instant identification on select units
Model Number CP8853
Power Configuration 32A, 230V, 7.3kW
Physical Configuration 1778mm x 51mm x 51mm, Vertical
Category Monitored
Voltage 230V
Current 32A  
VA per Input (Load Capacity) 7.3kW
Over Current Protection (2) 16A Single Pole Magnetic Breakers
Switch Breaker/Switch Combination
Plug Type IEC60309 2P+E, 32A, 250V, Splash proof IP44
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