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Schneider BMXXBE2005 X80 Backplane Extender Kit

Schneider BMXXBE2005 X80 Backplane Extender Kit

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Schneider BMXXBE2005 Datasheet

This I/O rack expansion kit is part of the Modicon X80 modules. This kit enables 2-rack configuration, with two BMXXBE1000 rack expansion modules. It also comprises, one BMXXBC008K extension cordset, length 0.8m and one TSXTLYEX line terminator (set of 2).

Specifications : 

Range of product : Modicon M340 automation platform

accessory / separate part category : Connection accessories

accessory / separate part type : Backplane

Accessory / separate part designation : M340 backplane extender kit

Product compatibility : BMXXBE1000

Accessory / separate part destination : M340 backplane

Kit composition : Cable and line terminator

Directives : 2014/35/EU - low voltage directive
2014/30/EU - electromagnetic compatibility
2014/34/EU - ATEX directive

Environmental characteristic : Hazardous location class I division 2

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